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Digital fingerprints – Tracking and analysing your customers

Tracking and analysing the ‘digital fingerprints’ of your customers

Historically, one of the most vexing issues of traditional marketing has been the lack of actionable feedback it creates.

Billboards, newspaper ads, and radio spots often yield little in the way of clear information that marketers can decode to evaluate and to revise their campaigns:-
  • How many people saw your ad?
  • How often has it been seen?
  • What are the demographics of those you engaged with your ad?
  • Has anyone made contact with your company because they saw your ad?
  • What other interests do they have, and what other consumer areas do they pursue?

With traditional marketing, customers rarely leave behind any indication of how they engaged with your messaging. In these instances, your promotional strategies can often be based upon hunches, not real data.

Thankfully, digital media and analytical tools have evolved to the point where there are a wealth of affordable options available that provide a clear vision of your customer’s journey before, during, and beyond the point of purchase.

By tracking the digital fingerprints left behind by customers on your website, social media, pay-per click, and email campaigns, you can develop a real picture of your customers and their behaviors. You can also see the real returns, or even the losses, your marketing efforts have created. You can determine which messages engage customers and lead to conversations; what content is most effective in holding their attention, or has people coming back to you again and again; which geographic areas are hot spots for your sales; what days and times are your marketing efforts most effective, and so much more.

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